DenCo™ - Can you believe it?

I thought it was about time to duplicate the QRP Batt 1 that I had sent to NJ7V Charlie, now that I had a new Icom IC-705.

While this protection board limits to 8A, these cells are capable of pulse to 150A. Perhaps higher capacity, lesser drain 26650’s by K2 would be suitable for this board.

General Specs:
Created: November 2, 2020.
Cells: K2 26650 2.85Ah 3.2v LiFePO4 (capable of 150A pulse max)
Protection Board: HX-4S-3828 LiFePO4 BMS PCB Board for 26650 or 18650 LiFePO4.
Configuration: 4S1P.
Total Rated Capacity: 2.85Ah.
Current Owner: W9FFF Sean.

Cell Specs:
Brand: K2
Model: LFP26650P
Capacity: 2850mah
Watt Hours: 9.4
Nominal Voltage: 3.2
Fully Charged Voltage: 3.65 (recommended), 4.1 (maximum)
Fully Discharged Voltage: 2.5 (recommended), 2.0 (maximum)
Continuous Discharge (A): 42
Pulse 30 Seconds Discharge (A): 50
Short Pulse Discharge (A): 150
Charge Current (A): 5

BMS Specs:
This board does NOT BALANCE.
Model: HX-4S-3828
Module size: 38 x 28 x 3.8mm / 1.49 x 1.10 x 0.15 inch
Upper limit working current: 8A
Upper limit instantaneous current: 20A
Over charge voltage range: 3.65±0.05V
Over discharge voltage range: 2.35V±0.05V
Static current: <30uA
Charge voltage: 14.4V-15 V
Short circuit protection: yes. Delay self recovery
Tips: After the wiring is successful, the board needs to be charged and activated before it has output.