DenCo™ - Can you believe it?

This is a simplified multiple 3Ah battery set to be used separately or in parallel using a Powerpole distribution block.

This build came from a discussion with Steve KM9G, pondering the incorporation of batteries into the lid of a Pelican-like case. My intended case for this is the Nanuk 910 case. This battery model itself is labeled “QRP” because of its individual capacity, but in tandem the batteries together in a case can power a QRO (i.e. 100w) rig like an FT-891.

Total battery case capacity: 8.55Ah (rated).

The Powerpole block is 3D printed with 45A connectors. It contains 5 Powerpole ports, 3 on top, one recessed on one side, and one protruding from the other side. This allows for combined output to a rig, while leaving another port open for another 12V device or input from a charger or solar controller (e.g. a Buddipole Power Mini).

This is designed to be a ham radio case with built-in power for a rig like a Xiegu G90, a Yaesu FT-857, Yaesu FT-991, or similar brick form factor radio of less than 2 to 3 inches high. The main point being: The lid of a case is rarely used, so why not fill it with batteries for your gear?

General Specs:
Created: September 12, 2021.
Cells: K2 26650 2.85Ah 3.2v LiFePO4.
BMS: DYKB YH2204A 50A 4S LiFePO4 separate-port BMS.
Configuration: 4S1P
New since last make: New BMS, flat configuration.
Current Owner: KM9G Steve.

Cell Specs:
Brand: K2
Model: LFP26650P
Capacity: 2850mah
Watt Hours: 9.4
Nominal Voltage: 3.2
Fully Charged Voltage: 3.65 (recommended), 4.1 (maximum)
Fully Discharged Voltage: 2.5 (recommended), 2.0 (maximum)
Continuous Discharge (A): 42
Pulse 30 Seconds Discharge (A): 50
Short Pulse Discharge (A): 150
Charge Current (A): 5

BMS Specs:
Single cell Overcharge Protection Voltage: 3.75V ±0.025V
Single cell Overcharge Relieved Voltage: 3.55V ±0.05V
Overcharge Protection Delay: 1S ±200mS
Single cell Over-discharge Protection Voltage: 2.0V ±0.05V
Single cell Over-discharge Relieved Voltage: 2.7V ±0.1V
Over-discharge Protection Delay: 1S ±200mS
Discharge Overcurrent Protection: 70A
Discharge Overcurrent Protection Delay: 100mS ±50mS
Short circuit Protection: Yes
Short circuit Protection Delay: 250μS ±50μS
Short circuit Protection Recovery Mode: Disconnect the load recovery output voltage
Discharge Current: 50A (When more than 20A, add tin on the back of the PCB to increase the current pass capability.)
Charging Current: 50A (When more than 20A, add tin on the back of the PCB to increase the current pass capability.)
Balance Function: Yes
Balance Turn-on Voltage: 3.50V ±0.025V
Balance Current: 55mA
Power Failure Protection: Yes
Temperature Protection: Yes (valid when external 10KΩ NTC resistor is connected)
Charge Low Temperature Protection: -7°C
Charge High Temperature Protection: 55°C
Discharge Low Temperature Protection: 75°C
Module Size: 72mm x 30mm x 6mm