DenCo™ - Can you believe it?

Similar in design to the Mk III, this battery continued on what I learned from the 4S2P LiitoKala build, and was miniaturized for QRO small-batt operation. Little did I know this would be the most frequently built form factor.

This battery was the first to use a spot welder from Malectrics, utilizing the high cold-cranking-amps off a car battery to create millisecond pulses of high amp welding power on the nickel strips. With this, I could greatly speed up battery construction and even correct mistakes very quickly by ripping the strips off (not nearly as easy when they’re soldered onto the cells.

General Specs:
Created: August 17, 2019.
Cells: LiitoKala 32700 7Ah 3.2v LiFePO4.
BMS: HX-4S-F100A.
Configuration: 4S1P.
New since last make: Single series, using a new Arduino Spot Welder instead of soldering.
Current Owner: KE6MT Rex.

Cell specs:
LiitoKala 32700 cells
Nominal Capacity: 7Ah (6.5Ah in practical use)
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V per cell
Dimensions: 32mm x 70 mm
Weight: 145g per cell
Internal resistance: less than 8 mΩ
Cycle life: > 2000 cycles, DOD at 80%
Input charging voltage: 3.65v/cell
Input charging current: 3A
Continuous discharge current: 30A
Max discharge current (pulse): 6C
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
Charging temp: 0-45°C
Discharge temp: -20°C – 60°C
Storage temp: -20°C – 45°C

BMS Specs:
1. Continuous discharge current: 100A
2. Instantaneous discharge current: 120A
3. Charging Voltage: Iron lithium charger 14.8V (Switching power supply: 15V-16V)
4. Charging Current: 10A(Max)
5. Overcharge detection voltage: 3.75V±0.05V
6. Over charge detection delay time: 1300 ms
7. Over charge release voltage: 3.6V±0.05V
8. Electricity equalization detection voltage: 3.6V±0.05V
9. Electricity equalization release voltage: 3.59V±0.05V
10. Electricity equalization current: 58mA
11. Over discharge detection voltage: 2.1V±0.08V
12. Over discharge detection delay time: 145s
13. Over discharge release voltage: 2.30V±0.1V
14. Over current detection voltage: 200mV
15. Over current detection delay time: 20mS
16. Over current protection current: 120A±10A
17. Over current protection release: Cut off the load
18. Detection condition: Exterior load short circuit
19. Detection delay time: 300us
20. Over current protection: Cut off the load
21. Temperature Protection: Can use an external temperature switch
22. Main circuit conduction resistance ~20mΩ
23. Working current: ~30uA
24. Working Temperature: -20°C to 80°C
25. Size: 70 x 60 x 8.5mm